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Last Update: February, 2015
Bill "Hammer" Bishop
Bike Info and Details:

FRAME Ultima 200 Series rigid-style, 34° rake, 4" stretched downtubes
FRONT END 39mm Sportster / narrow-glide
ENGINE S&S 96" Evo, 3⅝ X 4⅝, polished cases, +.040" Pistons,
O-Ringed cylinders, JIM'S 3-hole crank pin, 12¼:1 compression, 262# cranking compression, flywheels balanced to 52%
HEADS S&S w/ Stage 3 "HammerHeads" porting, 2.08" intake & 1.623" exhaust valves by Ferrea, V-Thunder .700" valve springs
ROCKER ARMS S&S roller rocker arms
CAM Red Shift 647
PUSHRODS Feuling "Race" chromoly adjustable
TAPPETS S&S Hydraulic w/ HL2T travel limiters
OIL PUMP S&S billet
CARB/INTAKE S&S "Super D" w/ adjustable air bleed
FUEL VALVE Pingel, Dual Guzzler
NOS SYSTEM Edelbrock, 35 hp w/ 2lb bottle
EXHAUST Thunderheader
STARTER Ultima 2.4kw
IGNITION Dyna 4000 Super Pro
TRANSMISSION Zipper's race-cut 5-speed "Zip-Rack" w/ Andrews gears
PRIMARY DRIVE BDL "Top Fuel 1000" 3⅜" open belt
FINAL DRIVE PBI sprockets - 23T FRT, 52T RR; Tsubaki Sigms O-Ring chain
FRONT WHEEL 19" Sturgis polished aluminum "Vision", Dunlop K591 100/90V19 tire
REAR WHEEL 18" x 5.5" Chrome Horse "Solid" satin finish cnc aluminum,
Mickey Thompson #3222 L7 E/T Drag Slick 25.0/7.0-18 tire,
Outboard bearing support
GAS TANK Sportster "King"
CONTROLS - FOOT Grimeca 19mm RR master cylinder, PMFR pedal & pegs
MISC Steering dampener , Dyna shift light,
Pingel: air shifter (frame is the air tank), wheelie bar - modified,
  safety kill switch, catch can
PAINT By Todd Hoffman & Gary Piccoli

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The frame arrives   8/6/04
August 6, 2004
It all starts here...

Bill tries it on for size
the rear tire
it's a roller Bill & Shaggy align the wheelie bar
Shaggy - the welding master! It fits better now
Oct '05 - flowing the S&S heads S&S 640 cam Checking the heads, carb, and intake on the flow bench S&S heads, reworked by Hammer S&S pistons
10/27/'05 - mock-up with engine & trans 10/27/'05 BDL TF-1000 belt-drive kit 3 3/8" belt Pingel air shifter kit
Sheetmetal and Frame - ready for paint/powdercoating Fresh powdercoating on the wheelie bar Frame is powdercoated
Gotta have the shop name on the tank! R.I.P. Big Matt  1967-2005 - we miss you, brother! Of course, it has "HammerHeads"! Ready to put it all back together again...
Special thanks to Todd Hoffman for the fantastic paint job!
rear wheel spacer / support Trans case polished to match engine cases 12/31/'05 - Starting to go back together - Happy New Year! 2006
Checking the primary, engine, & trans cases
Getting the Pingel Air Shifter set-up
(After 18 months)
It's alive!

See the video
Small - 6 MB
Large - 20 MB

It's lookin' like a bike
Edelbrock Nitrous Kit
Just to be sure ....
04/01/'06 >
Dyno graph
with gas only
04/01/'06 >
Dyno graph
with Nitrous
Time Ticket (without Nitrous) 9.74 !!  I think the NOS is working! Hammer's "pit bike" - 1972 Honda CT70
added a ThunderJet and adjustable air bleed to the Super G 9/30/'06 - new o-ringed cylinders reworked the heads a little more, too
Dyno graph with and without NOS
New drag race ignition system 6/29/'07
trans gears comparison
new S&S .675" cam S&S Super D carb
"D" installed 2009 another cam change - Red Shift 647  

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